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I count down the steps to your house// I'm eager to know just if your home…


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This is going to be one of those posts where I’m going to make you think. If you do not like thinking, then stop reading now. Y’see, I already made you think about leaving. Man, I’m good. Actually, these are just random thoughts I have and the answers I’ve come to… some may be correct while others may be horribly wrong/off. If you want to answer one of these for/with me, then go ahead.

This is where the thinking REALLY begins…

Why do girls complain to their boyfriends about how ugly/fat they think they are? It really annoys me, as a boy. Do they expect me to just agree? Idiots. If I thought you were ugly or fat, then I wouldn’t be with you. Simple enough. You look great and I’m definitely attracted. I think girls generally start complaining about these to hear compliments and to have attention directed towards them. That is all fine and dandy, but wouldn’t it be easier to kiss me? Or better yet, dress up nice. I always notice and I’m sure other guys know as well.

You know, I just realized that the majority of these will probably deal with relationships…

Why is it that guys think ‘doing’ a virgin is awesome and so studly? Doesn’t that just show how pathetic and stupid you are? When a guy chases virgins down, then they are most likely horrible in the… yeah… or they are just really… tiny. I personally think virgins SUCK for sex. Why would I want somebody to sit on top of me and stare at me whilst doing her best to ‘please’ me. The first time isn’t even about ‘pleasing’ anyone. It hurts all parties involved. It is merely to initiate the sex-having fun, it shouldn’t be viewed as great. Sorry, I’m just really tired of my '-quote- friends –unquote- talking about how badass ‘screwing a tight virgin’ would be and how great it is. Fuck that, if you are a guy searching specifically for virgins, then you need to rethink your lifestyle. That’s all, sorry for rambling on that too much… Not really… Or am I? No.


When you're sitting next to a guy, and some random guy walks into the room and you jump up and tackle him, without even introducing us… fuck yeah, it pisses us off….

Why do girls play mind games with guys they are dating? Like, come the on. Isn’t that a little… foolish? Let’s say you love a guy and your not sure if he loves you back, so you act all sad and get him to comfort you. Why? Isn’t that stupid? Of course a boy with comfort his girl when she is sad, if he doesn’t, then he isn’t boyfriend material. It doesn’t prove that he loves you or anything, but if a guy is with you he likes you. Use the direct approach… Lay in his [or your] bed with him and lay your head on his chest, listen to the thumps from his heart. Is it beating quickly or slowly? Notice the speed, then ask him about it. ex: ‘Why is your heart beating so quickly/slowly?’. He’ll do one of two things: Say he doesn’t know [my answer], or tell you it’s because of you. If he takes the latter route, then your in luck. If it is the first one, don’t despair, read on. When he says he doesn’t know, it isn’t because he hates you or is just blowing you off, he’s either confused himself, or he is shy. That’s when you you move your head up to near his neck and whisper things to him. Don’t know what to whisper? Well, your lucky I’m here. You can whisper something like: ‘well, I know why mine is beating so quickly/slowly –wink wink-.’ If he shows ANY affection whatsover then you are in the clear. If he doesn’t, then odds are he doesn’t feel the same way or… >OR< he isn’t ready. Cool off and wait if that happens. He’ll come around.

Wow, that was fucking long an unneeded. I’ll keep it anyway because I REALLY hate girls who play mind games, maybe this will stop a few.

Kiss us in front of your friends, it makes us feel like we are part of your life and loved.

Why do some girls have this thing where they constantly bring her boy down? It doesn’t really make me feel better when a girl refuses to touch me and tells me I smell sweaty and ewwww. I just hate it. It makes me feel insecure and the way I’ll react is by shying away from you. It affects the long term as well. If you really like me, then deal with it. Girls get sweaty too y’know? And if your sweaty I’m not going to care and if I do care enough not to touch you, then expect another hidden reason. Guys are more complicated than you perceive. I love you enough to hug you when you are sweaty, okay? Hug me when I’m sweaty too, that’s all I want… you.

When I put my hand on the back of your head kiss you, I’m trying to show you that I don’t love you because your body, I love you for you. [and, personally, I want to play with hair too ^.^]

When we fight, why do you always need your ‘space’? That doesn’t solve anything. If you are mad at me and need your space, then you don’t want to talk about the issue at hand and your never going to get over it because every time the ‘issue’ comes up you run away and hide. Don’t crawl into a hole and brood, share your emotions with me. I want to hear it, especially if I follow you. If I don’t, then I’m feeling bad like I just fucked up hardcore. No good comes from you hiding yourself away from me.

When I fall to my knees, I know I’m really in trouble. Let me lay against you and make it all go away, if only for a second…

I’m sorry about all the ‘you’ and ‘me’ talk, I just kind of gave up on third person because most of the things I’m talking about are things that I actually have experience on.

The reason I posted all of this is because I know that the majority of the people who read this are females… Muwahaha.

Now go show your boy what you are made of and make yourself happy,

I hope you enjoyed the playlist too. The picture I used for it is from x3sonjae over at deviantART. Show your love for it over there. ^.-


WOW deep.... Who knew that through all tha crap your going through, your that sensitive.. :) thats cool.
Haha... this comment made me laugh. If I wasn't sensitive, then I wouldn't even care about any of that crap. I would ignore it and go find some ugly whore to have sex with. Okay, that was mean... but still. Thanks for the comment btw. I'm trying to get these people commenting instead of messaging. >.
yea.... I tend to be pretty funny to some people... :D