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Consider this journal...

For now at least. I'm working on a solo experimental music thing. 


Doing one of those talent hibernation things? So am I, considering rewriting a story I had a few years back that was going along really, I mean TOTALLY smoothly until I accidentally deleted it.
I suppose. And fucking ouch. How far were you?
Man, I was like......what, 30 pages along that thing? And that was all TYPED as well. Last story I worked on I got about 70 pages done until my stupid computer went and crashed.
That sucks.
Boy am I pissed at myself, that I forgot about your journal. Ah yeah sorry for that. But yeah, I was just skimming over some of the latest posts and some of it seems good, that I’m spewing I forgot and wasn’t more active before you made this post.

Btw, if you ever feel up to posting that music, I’d love to take a listen – I love finding new stuff.

p.s. I’ll read some of your old post’s tomorrow, when It’s not late here and/or exhausted.
How's it going for you so far? I've finally come out of my "writing hibernation" after about two months of not writing. I woke up about 2:00 in the morning so desperate to write I grabbed black leather journal given to me by my step mom and wrote a solid three and half pages in it.
If your skill is to the point where you get depressed over not doing it for one day you know you've got something. ^_^'